KARATSU is a quiet, cozy town located on the north-western coast of Kyushu, Japan.
Since the prehistoric days, it has been the gateway to and from the Chinese Continent.
If you are interested in distant places and distant times, KARATSU will always welcome you.

This page is presented by Ryokan Yoyokaku in Karatsu.
We are happy to introduce some attractive spots of our town.
Thank you for seeing this site, and we hope you will really visit here someday
Karatsu Castle
Founded about 400 years ago. The present premise was built in 1966. Cherry blossoms in April, wisteria in May. You will enjoy a panoramic view of Karatsu city from the top of the castle.
Niji-no-Matsubara Pine Forest
A million old pine trees shape a rainbow on the long white sand beach. Enjoy 5 kilometers' walk among the trees listening to the sound of waves, talking to the wind-twisted pines.This place used to be a fine summer resort for the Western people coming from Shanghai in 1930's. The sea is good for bathing, wind-surfing and sailing.
Mt. Kagami
"Hirefuri-yama" as mentioned in Man-yo-shu, the oldest anthology of poems. The legend of Matsura-Sayohime is so pure and touching. From the top of this mountain, the princess waved her stole goodbye to her husband whose ship was leaving the bay under her eyes.Her deep sorrow and despair finally turned her into a stone.
Nanatsugama Seven Caves
Mr. Jacques Mayol met his first dolphin here some sixty years ago. This place was always a cherished memory of the world-renowned diver's. He loved Karatsu, and came back often. The friends in Karatsu are very sad and miss him much.
SAYONARA, Jacques Mayol!
(Greeting of February, 2002)
Jacques Mayol and the Sea of Karatsu
(Greeting of September, 2000)
A boat trip from Yobuko Port will be a fun. Skilled divers' spot, too. Fishing also.

Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
14 gorgeous festival floats are shown here. They were elaborated with a wooden frame and layers of Japanese paper, and then colorfully japanesed (urushi). The oldest "Red Lion" was made in 1819. The festival called "Karatsu-Kunchi" is held on November 3 and 4, when the city is swollen with so many people and so much Sake. You will find the people enthusiastically welcoming.
Takatori House    khmj
This house was built about 90 years ago by Iko Takatori, who was one of the most successful coal-mine proprietors of the Meiji Era. It is designated as an Important Cultural Property by the National Government in 1998. The owner of the house, who had long preserved the house with an enormous effort and trouble, donated this beautiful architecture to Karatsu City. Mr. Kazutami Takatori lets you see this house on his web-site. If you have a comment, please to Harumi Okochi of Yoyokaku. In April 2000, Dr. and Mrs. Payne visited this house. Please read his letter.
Pottery       Takashi Nakazato @@@@Free-Style Pottery from the South
Karatsu is one of the famous pottery places. A world-renowned potter Takashi Nakazato makes pottery in Europe, in U.S.A. and in some other places of the world, but his home kiln is here. His son Taki Nakazato is also a promising young potter. Their show-room is in Yoyokaku.
Nagoya Castle Ruins
In 1592, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had an ambition to invade Korea and China. Nagoya Castle was the fort from which Hideyoshi sent out many Daimyos and soldiers. The ruins was designated as a Special Historic Site by the National Government. Now, Nagoya Castle Museum shows the history of long intercommunication between Korea and Japan, sometimes friendly other times antagonizing. The concept of the Museum is to wish an eternal peace between the two countries.