GREETING            #1@@April 2000

Den Okochi, Proprietor of Ryokan Yoyokaku, and his wife Harumi would like to express our deep gratitude to you for visiting this newly-opened web site.

Yoyokaku is an old traditional Japanese inn. The wooden structures of the Meiji and Taisho Eras, and a garden of two-hundred-year-old pine trees.

Our history is over 100 years here in Karatsu. Thanks to our thoughtful guests of long time, we have always been encouraged to maintain this old inn.
Even when there was a way of thinking that a new thing was better than an old one, it was the foreign guests that persuaded us not to change this. So, we did not change.

You will see Japan here. You will feel Japanese hospitality here. Simple and warm. Not too much, not too little.
We are very lucky to be highly recommended in Miss Margaret Price's "Classic Japanese Inns" published in 1999 by Kodansha International.

Everything is Japanese style in Yoyokaku, but English language is available. Please ask anything by e-mail,
Harumi would be happy to answer in English. And I hope I am understandable!

We would like very much to welcome guests from all Asian countries as well as from western nations.
We are learning Korean language now, and will try Chinese next. How we wish we were younger!

The more difficult thing for a middle aged Japanese woman is this computer!
I am struggling over it, and I will try to keep renewing this page on our web.
So, please see me again soon.
Thank you very much again for your interest, and we wish you all the joy and happiness for your life.

Harumi Okochi