#230 New Year, 2022

This page is written
by Harumi Okochi.
This will be updated irregularly.
Sometimes Harumi's friends join.
We'd be happy if you look at
our previous issues.


We saw Mt. Fuji
from the window of Shinkansen train
in November 2021.
Hello, friends!
I hope this finds you well and safe from Omicron.
We are fine, and living a slow and peaceful life.
Yoyokaku does not have many guests now, but probably later this year, people will come back.
I am writing this just to tell you that we are waiting.
Waiting for the safe world.
Waiting for the days of reunion.
Waiting for the time when we can travel to our favorite places.
Waiting for the daybreak after the darkness.

In November last year, we travelled for 12 days. From Hokkaido, Tohoku District, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, and back home. This was a "mourning travel". We had lost some dear ones during this Corona period. So we went at a timing when Corona was a little declining just before the Omicron appeared.
We saw many beautiful places which looked peaceful in spite of the still dark cloud of Covid.
This may be our last trip, we thought. We are getting weaker.
Dear friends, please You come to us. We will be waiting.

Here is a poem by Amos Russel Wells.
Hold on a while! the darkest night
May bring the fairest day.
Hold on a while! the good, the right,
Will always find a way.

 So, friends, let's hold on together!                    

Thank you for visiting this page.
I hope you will return.

Harumi Okochi
mail to: info@yoyokaku.com